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Dakota Conflict of 1862 - Lessons Page

A WebQuest for 6th-8th Grade (Social Studies)

Designed by Anthony Shields

Lesson Plans & Links

A sampling of our lesson plans from area schools on the Fort Peck Reservation:   Educational Resource Links:
Traditional Dry Meat is Yummy International Society for Technology in Education
Wakapanpi (Pemmican) National Educational Technology Standards
Weaving National Council of Teachers in Mathematics
Tipi Fractions NativeWeb - Resources
Roman Numerals - Design Your Own Game Smithsonian Institute Education Resources
Fraction Strips and Fraction Strip Game The History Channel Classroom
Miles of Measurement My History is America's History
Estimation of Destination United States Historical Census Data Browser
How Much Land is Left? A&E Classroom
Building an Electric Motor (and more) The Weather Classroom
Quilting with Quadrilaterals Native American Sites
Parametric Arrows Song Catcher Frances Densmore



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