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Big Eagle

Big Eagle

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Dakota Conflict of 1862 - Photo Page


ExecutionThis painting is of the execution of 38 Dakota men who were tried and found guilty of killing civilians. This happened on December 26, 1862.







ExecutionThis is another drawing of the execution.






President LincolnThis is a picture of President Lincoln, taken before the Sioux Uprising, and during the Civil War. Over 300 Dakota men were sentenced to death; and -- after President Lincoln reviewed the sentences -- thirty-eight were hung on December 26, 1862.




Reservation MapReservation map with forts and battles.







Little CrowLittle Crow, shown here, is generally acknowledged to have been the leader of the warring Dakota, but Chiefs Mankato, Big Eagle, Shakopee and others played significant leadership roles.







Little CrowAnother black and white of Little Crow.






Col. SibleyAt the Battle of Birch Coulee Minnesota militia, led by Colonel Henry H. Sibley, suffered a major defeat at the hands of the Dakota Sioux led by Chief Little Crow.





Col. SibleyAnother black and white of Colonel Henry H. Sibley.





Big EagleBig Eagle, shown here, played a significant leadership role during the Sioux Uprising.








Tipi PrisonThe tipi prison of 300+ Dakota men, women, and children.





Battle of Birch CouleeBattle of Birch Coulee drawing.






Acton Killing SketchA sketch of the Acton woman killing. The story of how the Sioux Uprising was started.







White RefugeesWhite refugees during the Sioux Uprising.





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