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Lesson Plan #6 - Fraction strips and fraction strip game.
(NCTM Standard 12)
Lyn Del Randash
School: Poplar Middle School
Grade level: 3-6
Time: 2 Periods


This activity will assist the student on recognizing that fractions are part of a whole and apply equivalent fractions in a game format. This activity also provides great hands on learning experience. Native Americans students are kinesthetic learners and this fraction strip game provides for this type of learning style.


pencils, scissors, strips of 3 x !/ 8 inch strips of construction paper in four different colors. (Make one color black)


Teacher demonstrates as the students work along.

  1. Label the black strip 1 whole. (chalk works great)
  2. Take another strip and fold in half then open and cut in 1/2: Ask how many sections do you have? Label each 1/2 and set aside.
  3. Take another strip and fold in half two times. Have the students guess how many sections you will have when you open (4) Label each 1/4 and cut apart. Set aside.
  4. For the third strip, fold in half three times. Have the students guess how many sections there will be when they open the strip. (8) Label each 1/8 and cut apart. Set aside.
  5. For the-last strip, very carefully fold into 1/2 four times. Have the students guess how many sections there will be when they open the strip up. (16) Label, cut apart and set aside.
  6. Store strips in kits in a large envelope.

Game 1: Fraction Addition


Cards labeled with the following fractions: l/2, 1\4, 1\8, 2\8, 1\16, 2\6 and several of each fraction strips from the previous activity.


Start with the black strip (1 whole) take turns drawing cards. As you draw a fraction, place the fraction strip on your black strip. The first person to cover their whole fraction wins.
Place the cards in another pile as they are drawn, then shuffle when the pile is full to continue drawing.

Game 2: Fraction Subtraction


Cards from game 1 Fraction strips.


Start with the-black (1 whole) strip covered with two halves: Take turns drawing cards. When you draw a fraction, you take off that fraction, you may have to exchange fractions
Eagles are an important symbol in the Native American- culture and tradition, to receive an eagle feather is a high accomplishment and a great achievement and honor. Students will be able to draw eagles using rectangles, circles and triangles. Students will also be able to show a line of symmetry within their eagles.

Teacher- a finished project to show as an example; materials for demonstrating and a picture of an eagle.
Students - crayons or colored pencils, pencil with an eraser, practice paper, final draft paper.

Display eagle picture. Demonstrate to the students how to use the shapes to draw an eagle (see illustration).

Have the students follow along on their practice papers making sure that they draw lightly so they can erase the extra lines later. Once the students have their eagles drawn, use a ruler to lightly draw a line of symmetry on their eagle.
After the students have found the line of symmetry have the students complete their eagles by drawing in the details.

On their final paper, the students will complete an eagle with a line of symmetry and details filled in. Students may be evaluated through questions and their finished projects.


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