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Welcome to the Dakota Conflict WebQuest

A WebQuest for 6th-8th Grade (Social Studies)

Designed by Anthony Shields

This lesson was developed as part of a Lesley University Technology in Education Graduate Program course, and would not be possible without the support from Twin Cities Public Television, which graciously allowed me to utilize video clips from 'The Dakota Conflict' a (c) KTCA video - Thank You! Please visit the TPT site, and purchase 'The Dakota Conflict' video for your classroom.

Advice - This site contains Media Player videos, so please test your system now by clicking here for a short introduction video to this WebQuest. Test your system: adjust your sound, size of Media Player window, etc. Click the Media Player icon at the top of any page to download a free copy. This site is hosted at Nativeweb.org, and maintained by A. Shields.

"While the Civil War raged in the East and South, Dakota Indians in Minnesota erupted violently into action against white settlers, igniting the tragic Dakota War of 1862. Hemmed in on a narrow reservation along the upper Minnesota River, the Dakota (Sioux) were frustrated by broken treaties, angered by dishonest agents and traders, and near starvation because of crop failures and late annuity payments."

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